An adventurous
call for CoExistence

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A herd of 100 exquisitely sculpted life-size Asian elephants has emerged from deep in the jungles of Southern India to share their story as they journey on a migration like no other.

The sculptures, symbolic in size and natural beauty, highlight wildlife’s magnificence and the space wild creatures need to flourish. Space is an increasingly difficult proposition in a world where landscapes are continually lost to economic development and human population growth.

We are in urgent need of solutions to live harmoniously together. The herd is set to make us pause and reconnect with our wild souls, as we see them juxtaposed against cosmopolitan cityscapes, grass patches in city parks, disused railways and hostile deserts.

Our ambition is to raise over $10m for human-wildlife coexistence projects.

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The Story

Across the largest and most inhabited continent on Earth, wildlife lives in landscapes saturated and transformed by people. From India to Vietnam, roads and railways dissect traditional migratory routes, tea and coffee plantations have replaced forest habitats and the boundaries between humans and wildlife have long become blurred…

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From greater one-horned rhinos in Nepal destroying crops, to orangutans in Indonesian oil palm plantations, to elephants raiding crops throughout rural India and leopards attacking livestock – human-wildlife conflict is prevalent across Asia and happens every single day. But not all of it is reported…

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